5th Grade Advanced Math
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5th Grade Advanced Math

Looking for an extra challenge in math? TestSoup has designed a set of resources to help you push your math skills to the next level! Not only will you practice skills you see in 5th grade, but you'll start to prepare for math in the 6th grade too!

5th Grade Advanced Math Practice

Rigorous, High Quality Content

These flashcards are designed for 5th graders who are looking for an extra challenge in math. We have compiled a collection of materials that have been designed to build upon the understandings and skills taught in the 5th grade math to push their thinking to the next level.

  • Hundreds of real practice questions designed to strengthen math skills.
  • In-depth explanation of what you will be learning in each section.
  • Important and necessary math vocabulary.
  • Explained answers and easy-to-follow walkthroughs that go into great detail about how to effectively answer specific questions.
  • The ability to flag questions you want to study more and check off questions you have mastered.
  • New questions added each month to make sure you have plenty of practice!
  • New math strategies are developed all the time! We are committed to adding in new ways to solve problems and new strategies to help you master 6th grade skills as we learn about them!

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Content Outline

Lessons, vocabulary, practice problems & explanations, as well as a description of what you can expect, for each of the following:

Expressions & Equations

  • Creating & solving expressions with whole number exponents
  • Creating & solving expressions based on written descriptions
  • Creating equivalent expressions
  • Identifying equivalent expressions
  • Creating expressions using variables to represent unknown numbers in word problems
  • Solving equations & inequalities
  • Using variables to write & solve equations for real world situations
  • Writing inequalities to represent real life situations
  • Determining relationships between variables in order to solve word problems


  • Finding the area of polygons
  • Finding the area of right rectangular prisms
  • Drawing polygons in a coordinate plane
  • Using 2D nets to represent 3D shapes & find surface area

The Number System

  • Dividing fractions
  • Multiplying multi-digit numbers
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing decimals
  • Finding greatest common factors and least common multiples
  • Using positive & negative numbers to represent opposite values or directions
  • Rational numbers as part of the number line
  • Ordering & absolute value of positive & negative numbers
  • Finding the distance between 2 points on a coordinate plane

Ratios & Proportions

  • Understanding ratios & using them to describe relationships
  • Using unit rates to describe relationships between 2 quantities
  • Using ratios to solve real world problems

Statistics & Probability

  • Identifying & creating statistical questions
  • Describing the distribution of data with center, spread, or overall shape
  • Describing the distribution of data with measures of center and measures of variability
  • Recognizing & generating graphs to represent statistical data
  • Summarizing data sets in relation to the question asked